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Situated in the heart of the town Salò on Lake Garda, the Atelier is the meeting point for beauty. The idea of this concept was created by OLIVIER MAZZON, a famous French hairdresser and beautician, known in the international arena, too.


The name Atelier Beauté could be replaced with “dating beauty”.


OLIVIER PARIS stands for elegance, harmony, practicality and complete treatment for hair care. Everyone can find a new dimension for holistic body and hair care.


L'AtelierOLIVIER PARIS will help you to find the best interpretation of beauty. Everyone will be given personalized advice to feel beautiful and unique without undergoing fashion trends. OLIVIER is loved by the public for his savoir faire and his ability to convert his energy in different ways. He is a real artist: he applies his perfect knowledge of hair design in photography, too.


Thus he becomes also a talented photographer for various fashion magazines and cosmetic suppliers. Not only Olivier commits to the world of visual arts but also to the holistic principle: studying the science of the body and of the spirit he becomes author of several passages about values in life.


OLIVIER has the privilege to meet famous artists, fashion designers and entertainers and becomes hairdresser and confidant of international celebrities. His profile becomes a real philosophy, OLIVIER PARIS can be considered a holy well of a new era in the world of Beauty.




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