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Art Futur 3No image of the industry will be published on the website of Olivier Paris because there are magazines and journals publishing beautiful photographs of fashion trends and providing information updates for colleagues.
Olivier is an unconventional artist and let experts work with pictures, images and photos.Nevertheless Olivier would like to point out that in the past some of his coiffures to famous people have then been combed by famous hair stylist known worldwide.
Olivier does not want to use their faces as advertising strategy because he has a special relationship with all of them.


When Olivier worked as a photographer a lot of his jobs were published on French and international magazines. Olivier worked with extreme professionalism and experienced fashion and beauty on a different level. Nowadays Olivier anscends the concept of fashion trends, interprets fashion with colours and shapes which suit the subject, the woman.


On these basis Olivier develops his concept:
"We have to imagine the subject as a blank painter's canvas, trying to observe it without the past and imagining it painted: we begin to create the shapes, apply the colours, and then complete it with finishing touches. In this way we give birth to a real painting. Thus masterpieces are created."


"The beauty of a woman is a work of art, it is the soul of her being. Today, Olivier is a craftsman of Light. "Light can be coloured according to our imagination and state of consciousness." Attracted by the beautiful arts, Olivier, along with a photographer, creates a new concept of imaging accompanied by a unique method: Futur Art Collection, images that will be published worldwide.



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